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A study of P2X1 receptor function in murine megakaryocytes and human platelets reveals synergy with P2Y receptors.

We have examined the role of ATP-dependent P2X(1) receptors in megakaryocytes (MKs) and platelets using receptor-deficient mice and selective agonists. Alpha,beta-meATP- and ATP- evoked ionotropic inward currents were absent in whole-cell recordings from MKs of P2X(1)(-/-) mice, demonstrating that the P2X receptor phenotype in MKs, and by inference, platelets, is due to expression of homomeric P2X(1) receptors. P2X(1) receptor deficiency had no effect on MK ( CD 41) numbers or size distribution, showing that it is not essential for normal MK development. P2Y receptor-stimulated [Ca(2+)](i) responses were unaffected in MKs from P2X(1)(-/-) mice, however the inward cation current associated with Ca(2+) release was reduced by approximately 50%, suggesting an interaction between the membrane conductances activated by P2X(1) and P2Y receptors. Interaction between P2X(1) and P2Y receptors in human platelets was also examined using [Ca(2+)](i) recordings from cell suspensions. Alpha,beta-meATP (10 microM) evoked a rapid transient P2X(1) receptor-mediated increase in [Ca(2+)](i), whereas ADP-(10 microM) evoked P2Y receptor responses were slower, peaked at a higher level and remained elevated for longer periods. Co-application of alpha, beta-meATP and ADP resulted in marked acceleration and amplification of the peak [Ca(2+)](i) response. We conclude that ionotropic P2X(1) receptors may play a priming role in the subsequent activation of metabotropic P2Y receptors during platelet stimulation.[1]


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