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An unusual presentation of inhalant abuse with dissociative amnesia.

A 38-y-old male with occult inhalant abuse underwent an 18-mo evaluation for presumed seizure disorder. Although past medical history was significant for alcohol abuse, his wife confirmed a 6-y histoy of abstinence. His seizures were characterized as episodes of unconsciousness preceded by a feeling of "things slowing down". No muscular activity was witnessed during these episodes, and upon regaining consciousness the patient had slurred speech, disorientation, dissociative amnesia, and bizarre behavior that resolved spontaneously. Despite 4 emergency department visits, 4 hospital admissions, 5 neurologic and 7 psychiatric outpatient evaluations, extensive work-up was non-diagnostic. These episodes recurred until his wife found him huffing trichloroethylene. Questioning of the patient revealed that huffing always preceded these episodes and that he started huffing after discontinuing alcohol. The patient underwent addiction treatment. Toxic inhalants should be suspected as a substitute drug of abuse in patients attempting abstention. Disorientation clinically similar to dissociative amnesia can occur following loss of consciousness during an episode of trichloroethylene use.[1]


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