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X-linked Coffin-Lowry syndrome (CLS, MIM 303600, RPS6KA3 gene, protein product known under various names: pp90(rsk2), RSK2, ISPK, MAPKAP1).

The Coffin-Lowry syndrome (CLS) is a syndromic form of X-linked mental retardation characterised in male patients by psychomotor and growth retardation, and various skeletal anomalies. CLS is caused by mutations in a gene located in Xp22.2 and encoding RSK2, a growth-factor regulated protein kinase. Mutations are extremely heterogeneous and lead to premature termination of translation and/or to loss of phosphotransferase activity. No correlation between the type and location of mutation and the clinical phenotype is evident. However, in one family (MRX19), a missense mutation was associated solely with mild mental retardation and no other clinical feature. Screening for RSK2 mutations is essential in most cases to confirm the diagnosis as well as for genetic counseling.[1]


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