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Genetic Counseling

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Gene context of Genetic Counseling

  • Since the current biochemical techniques for X-ALD carrier detection in affected families lack sufficient reliability, our procedure described for systematic mutation scanning is also capable of improving genetic counseling and prenatal diagnosis [33].
  • Therefore, implementation of systematic screening of MECP2 in MR patients should result in significant progress in the field of molecular diagnosis and genetic counseling of mental handicap [34].
  • Our data help define the distribution and spectrum of mutations associated with the TSC loci and will be useful for both understanding the function of these genes as well as genetic counseling in patients with the disease [35].
  • This study demonstrates that FAMA allows rapid and reliable detection of mutations in the L1CAM gene and thus represents one of the most appropriate methods to provide diagnosis for accurate genetic counseling in families with HSAS, MASA, or SPG1 [36].
  • Identification of all WD mutations will undoubtedly increase our understanding of the normal function of ATP7B as well as lead to more accurate prognosis and genetic counseling [37].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Genetic Counseling


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