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Production of monoclonal antibodies and immunohistochemical studies of brain myo-inositol monophosphate phosphatase.

Five monoclonal antibodies that recognize porcine brain myo-inositol monophosphate phosphatase (IMPase) have been selected and designated as mAb IMPP 9, IMPP 10, IMPP 11, IMPP 15, and IMPP 17. These antibodies recognize different epitopes of the enzyme and one of these inhibited the enzyme activity. When the total proteins of the porcine brain homogenate separated by SDS-PAGE were probed with monoclonal antibodies, a single reactive protein band of 29 kDa, co-migrating with the purified porcine brain IMPase, was detected. Using the anti-IMPase antibodies as probes, the cross reactivities of the brain IMPase from human and other mammalian tissues, as well as from avian sources, were investigated. Among the human and animal tissues tested, the immunoreactive bands on Western blots appeared to have the same molecular mass of 29 kDa. In addition, there was IMPase immunoreactivity in the various neuronal populations in the rat brain. These results indicate that mammalian brains contain only one major type of immunologically similar IMPase, although some properties of the enzymes that were previously reported differ from each another. The first demonstration of the IMPase localization in the brain may also provide useful data for future investigations on the function of this enzyme in relation to various neurological diseases.[1]


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