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A computer-assisted administration of the Continuous Visual Memory Test.

The Continuous Visual Memory Test (CVMT) is a continuous design recognition test designed for the assessment of visual memory for clinical and research applications. Comparisons were made between the traditional and a computer-assisted format of the CVMT using 51 university students. Formats were compared on five CVMT dependent measures, concurrent validity, split-half reliability, and selected dependent measures from the California Verbal Learning Test (CVLT). Participants scored higher on the computer format dependent measures, with the exception of false alarms (new items incorrectly identified as old), which remained comparable between formats. Adequate concurrent validity (r =.70) and split-half reliability (rs =.61-.70) were demonstrated for CVMT Total Score. Restriction of range and ceiling effects precluded reliability and validity conclusions for CVMT Delay. The computer format showed a nonsignificant trend towards lower correlations with CVLT dependent measures.[1]


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