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Structure of the deoxymyoglobin model [Fe(TPP)(2-MeHIm)] reveals unusual porphyrin core distortions.

The preparation and characterization of the deoxymyoglobin model (2-methylimidazole)(tetraphenylporphinato)iron(II) is described. The preparation and crystallization from chlorobenzene leads to a new crystalline phase that has been structurally characterized. The complex is the most ordered example of a deoxymyoglobin model yet characterized. The X-ray structure determination reveals a number of distortions both in the iron coordination group and in the porphyrin core that result from the steric bulk of the axial ligand. Some of these distortions have been noted previously in related species; however, the demonstration of porphyrin core distortions and an asymmetry in the Fe-N(p) bond distances are new observations. These may have functional significance for this important type of heme protein coordination group. The new structure emphasizes that high-spin iron(II) porphyrinate derivatives display substantial structural pliability with significant variations in iron atom displacements, porphyrin core hole size, and axial and equatorial Fe-N bond lengths. The new complex has also been characterized by zero-field and applied field magnetic Mössbauer spectroscopy. Mössbauer parameters are characteristic for high-spin iron, although they also reveal an extremely rhombic site for iron(II). Crystal data at 130 K for [Fe(TPP)(2-MeHIm)].1.5C(6)H(5)Cl: a = 12.334(3) A, b = 13.515(6) A, c = 14.241(7) A, alpha = 70.62(3) degrees, beta = 88.29(2) degrees, gamma = 88.24(3) degrees, triclinic, space group, P, V = 2238(2) A(3), Z = 2.[1]


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