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Peyronie's disease: results with dermo-jet injection of dexamethasone.

The results in 21 patients with Peyronie's disease who were managed with a course of dermo-jet percutaneous injections of dexamethasone into the plaques are described herein. These patients had 6 to 10 injections at intervals of 1 month for 6 months. In a high percentage of the cases there occurred a disappearance or decrease in the size of the plaques, pain on erection and discomfort during sexual relations. Also, there was a high rate of improvement in the chordee. Because of the natural history of resolution of the plaques and the small number of patients, statistical significance is not believed applicable, although 71 per cent of the patients had experienced prior failure with other modes of therapy. Eight patients experienced urinary or prostato-epididymal infections at some time in their medical history, correlating well with the inflammatory theory as the cause of the disorder.[1]


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