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Differential pulse polarographic determination of procymidone in formulations and wine.

The dicarboximide fungicide procymidone was studied systematically by using direct current polarography, cyclic voltammetry, differential pulse polarography (DPP), controlled potential electrolysis, and millicoulometry in the universal buffer medium with dimethylformamide as the solvent. Procymidone exhibited a single well-defined polarographic wave in the pH range 2.0-6.0, leading to the formation of the hydroxy compound. The overall reduction process was diffusion-controlled and adsorption-free. The variation of half-wave potential with pH, the concentration of the analyte, and other experimental conditions are described. The reduction mechanism proposed is an overall 4-electron process, in which the dicarboximide group is reduced. DPP was used to determine procymidone in agricultural formulations and wine at the optimum conditions found; a detection limit of 2.4 x 10(-9) M was estimated. The results obtained by the proposed method were also compared with those obtained by other methods.[1]


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