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Ion chromatographic analysis of anions in ammonium hydroxide, hydrofluoric acid, and slurries, used in semiconductor processing.

In this study, ion chromatography (IC) with suppressed conductivity detection was used for the determination of trace anions in 29% (w/w) ammonium hydroxide, 49% (w/w) hydrofluoric acid and slurries. For these samples, various sample pretreatment methods were applied to eliminate matrix interferences. For concentrated ammonium hydroxide, an on-line electrochemical neutralizer (SP10 AutoNeutralization module) was used to neutralize the base prior to the IC analysis. For concentrated hydrofluoric acid, a heart cutting technique with an ion-exclusion column was used to separate the anions of interest prior to an IC separation. A method was also developed to analyze chloride in silica slurries by IC.[1]


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