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Characterization of neutralization specificities of outer capsid spike protein VP4 of selected murine, lapine, and human rotavirus strains.

Neutralization specificities of outer capsid spike protein VP4 of murine rotavirus strains EW (P?[16],G3) and EHP (P?[20],G3) and lapine rotavirus strains Ala (P?[14],G3), C11 (P?[14],G3), and R2 (P?[14],G3) as well as human rotavirus strains PA169 (P?[14],G6) and HAL1166 (P?[14],G8) were determined by two-way cross-neutralization. This was done by generating and characterizing (i) three murine x human, three lapine x human, and two human x human single gene substitution reassortant rotaviruses, each of which bore identical human rotavirus DS-1 strain VP7 (G2), and (ii) guinea pig hyperimmune antiserum raised against each reassortant. Reference rotavirus strains employed in the study represented 10 established VP4 (P) serotypes, including 1A[8], 1B[4], 2A[6], 3[9], 4[10], 5A[2], 5B[2], 5B[3], 6[1], 7[5], 8[11], 9[7], and 10[16] as well as a P serotype unknown P[18]. Murine rotavirus strains EW and EB were demonstrated to share the same P serotype (P10[16]) distinct from (i) 9 established P serotypes, (ii) lapine and human rotavirus strains bearing the P[14] genotype, and (iii) an equine rotavirus strain bearing the P[18] genotype. Both lapine (Ala, C11, and R2) and human (PA169 and HAL1166) rotaviruses were shown to belong to the same VP4 serotype, which represented a distinct new P serotype (P11[14]). P serotype 13[20] was assigned to murine rotavirus EHP strain VP4, which was shown to be distinct from all the P serotypes/genotypes examined in the present study.[1]


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