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In vitro effects of S12911-2 on osteoclast function and bone marrow macrophage differentiation.

In order to determine whether 5-[bis(carboxymethyl) amino]-2-carboxy4-cyano-3-thiopheneacetic acid distrontium salt (S12911-2) inhibits bone resorption by acting on the differentiation and/or function of osteoclasts, its effects were assessed on the 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D(3)-induced expression of carbonic anhydrase II and vitronectin receptor in chicken bone marrow cells, and on the resorbing activity of authentic rat osteoclasts cultured on bone slices. S12911-2 dose-dependently inhibited, after a 6-day exposure, the expression of carbonic anhydrase II and vitronectin receptor in stimulated osteoclasts (46% and 40%, respectively, at 10(-3) M Sr(2+), P<0.05). A pre-incubation of bone slices with S12911-2 induced a dose-dependent inhibition of bone resorbing activity from 32% at 10(-4) M Sr(2+) to 66% at 10(-3) M Sr(2+) (P<0.05 in each case). A continuous incubation (10(-3) M Sr(2+)) induced a greater inhibition of bone resorbing activity (73%, P<0.05). The inhibition of bone resorption obtained specifically with S12911-2 is related to an inhibition of the differentiation and resorbing activity of the osteoclasts.[1]


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