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Analysis of mono- and diesters of o-phthalic acid by solid-phase extractions with polystyrene-divinylbenzene-based polymers.

Retention mechanisms of an unmodified and a hydroxylated polystyrene-divinylbenzene polymer were studied by solid-phase extraction of o-phthalic acid and some of its mono- and diesters from purified water and then analysing by GC-MS. The monoesters and phthalic acid were retained only when protonated (i.e. acidified with HCI to pH 0.9). Of all elution solvents tested, ethyl acetate gave the best overall recoveries (61-89%) with both polymers. Applicability to complex matrixes (e.g. acidogenic landfill leachates) was examined by introducing a washing step with acetone in acidified water (pH 0.9) to eliminate volatile fatty acids (C2-C6) from the cartridge. Finally, the method was tested on real samples.[1]


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