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Onlay bone graft augmentation for refined correction of coronal synostosis.

OBJECTIVE: The primary purpose of this study was to evaluate the long-term result of an onlay bone graft augmentation of the supraorbital ridge at the time of primary correction of coronal suture synostosis. DESIGN: The study is a retrospective review of 62 consecutive patients treated for coronal synostosis from June 1991 through February 1997. The surgical technique utilized involved a standard bilateral fronto-orbital advancement and calvarial reshaping with the addition of an onlay bone graft in the supraorbital region. SETTING: All patients were treated at a tertiary care craniofacial center. RESULTS AND CONCLUSION: A total of 62 patients were treated by this technique. Fifty patients underwent primary correction as infants (mean age 9.8 months). An additional 12 patients were older (mean age 8.2 years) and were treated for residual deformity having previously undergone correction by another technique. Results with follow-up as long as 7 years demonstrate stable forehead and orbital symmetry. Complications identified by chart review were minimal and not directly attributable to this modification in surgical technique.[1]


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