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Various morphological aspects of Escherichia coli lysis by two distinct RNA bacteriophages.

Transmission electron micrographs of Escherichia coli cells induced by cloned lysis genes from RNA bacteriophages GA (group A-II) and SP (group B-IV) revealed various morphological aspects of intermediates of lysing cells. Cells induced by the SP lysis gene became stretched and also tapered in shape and fragmentation of parts of the cells had also occurred. Cells induced by the GA lysis gene showed many ballooning structures on the cell surfaces and others leaked material through the cell wall. Some balloon-like structures also appeared on the surfaces of cells induced by the cloned lysis gene of RNA phage SP and material also appeared to be leaking through the cell wall in the photographs. The lysing cells observed by transmission electron microscopy showed various morphological aspects of intermediates of the lysing process.[1]


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