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Preparation of recombinant MK-1/ Ep-CAM and establishment of an ELISA system for determining soluble MK-1/ Ep-CAM levels in sera of cancer patients.

The MK-1 antigen, also termed as Ep-CAM, is a membrane glycoprotein that is overexpressed on the majority of tumor cells of epithelial origin and thereby can be used as a target of immunodetection and immunotherapy of cancer. It has previously been shown that several type-I transmembrane proteins, including E-cadherin, ErbB-2 and intercellular adhesion molecule-1 ( ICAM-1), may be useful as tumor markers because they are released into the circulation of many cancer patients. To address the question of whether MK-1, the same type-I membrane protein, is also released into the sera, we developed a sandwich-type enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) system by preparing a recombinant MK-1 protein and two anti-MK-1 monoclonal antibodies with different epitope specificities. Using this ELISA, we found that the MK-1 levels in serum samples from healthy volunteers were all less than 2 ng/ml, whereas the Mk-1 levels in sera of about 10% of patients with malignant tumors of various tissue origins were increased to 2-78 ng/ml, indicating that MK-1 is released from tumor cells into the circulation under certain conditions. These findings should be borne in mind when trying to perform passive antibody therapy for cancer using anti-MK-1 antibody.[1]


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