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Childhood-onset epilepsy associated with polymicrogyria.

To study the electroclinical characteristics of patients with childhood-onset epilepsy who showed polymicrogyria (PMG) on MRI, we classified 15 patients according to the location of PMG on MRI. The composition of the subjects was as follows: four patients with PMG in both hemispheres; three with localized PMG in one hemisphere associated with other lesions such as porencephaly; and eight with only localized PMG in one hemisphere. We investigated the electroclinical characteristics of the epileptic syndromes associated with these different types of PMG. Four patients suffered from infantile spasms during their clinical course. Five patients suffered from epilepsy with electrical status epilepticus during slow sleep (ESES) and ESES-related epilepsy. The other six patients had only localization-related epilepsy throughout their clinical course. Patients with PMG in both hemispheres, and localized PMG in one hemisphere associated with other lesions tended to have early-onset intractable seizures, especially infantile spasms. On the other hand, patients with only localized PMG in one hemisphere had ESES and ESES-related epilepsy or localization-related epilepsy, and their seizure prognosis was relatively favorable. These findings are useful in predicting the outcome of patients with PMG.[1]


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