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Heterogeneous allele expression of pulmonary SP-D gene in rat large intestine and other tissues.

Random allele expression has recently been observed for several genes including interleukins and genes of the lymphoid system. We studied the hypothesis that the surfactant protein D (SP-D) gene, an innate host defense molecule, exhibits random allele expression in a tissue-specific manner. SP-D gene expression is tissue specific in the 14 tissues studied. Study of SP-D allelic expression in several tissues revealed a balanced biallelic (BB) in lung, and, in several extrapulmonary tissues, a heterogeneous pattern: BB, imbalanced biallelic (IB), and monoallelic (MO). The results from 103 heterozygous rats showed an expression profile in large intestine of BB (22%), IB (58%), and MO (20%). Among eight families, the percent of BB in siblings varied from 0 to 41%, MO from 0 to 33%, and IB from 49 to 83%. The parent-of-origin does not play a role in SP-D allele-specific expression. However, acquired epigenetic factors, family background, or other factors may contribute to the overall pattern of expression.[1]


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