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Heterologous expression and folding analysis of a beta-tubulin isotype from the Antarctic ciliate Euplotes focardii.

Mammalian tubulins and actins attain their native conformation following interactions with CCT (the cytosolic chaperonin containing t-complex polypeptide 1). To study the beta-tubulin folding in lower eukaryotes, an isotype of beta-tubulin (beta-T1) from the Antarctic ciliate Euplotes focardii, was expressed in Escherichia coli. Folding analysis was performed by incubation of the 35S-labeled, denatured beta-T1 in the presence, or absence, of purified rabbit CCT and cofactor A, a polypeptide that stabilizes folded monomeric beta-tubulin. We show for the first time in protozoa that beta-tubulin folding is assisted by CCT and requires cofactor A. In addition, we observed that E. focardiibeta-T1 competes with human beta5 tubulin isotype for binding to CCT. The affinity of CCT to E. focardiibeta-T1 and beta5 tubulin are compared. Finally, the mitochondrial chaperonin mt-cpn60 binds to beta-T1 but is unable to release it in a native or quasi-native state.[1]


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