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Transformation of carrots with mutant acetolactate synthase for Orobanche (broomrape) control.

Parasitic Orobanche spp are major constraints to vegetable crop production in the Mediterranean basin (to eastern Europe) and in localized places in India, China and the USA. Transgenic target-site herbicide resistance (eg, to acetolactate synthase inhibitors) allows for movement of unmetabolized herbicide through the crop to the photosynthate sink in the parasite, as well as through the soil. We report the successful engineering of a mutant acetolactate synthase ( ALS) gene into carrot, allowing control of broomrape already in heterozygotes of the first back-crossed generation, by imazapyr, an imidazolinone ALS inhibitor. It is expected that homozygotes will have higher levels of resistance.[1]


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