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Angiotensin II type 1 receptor gene polymorphism and essential hypertension in Serbian population.

Essential hypertension is considered to be a multifactorial trait resulting from the combined influence of environmental and genetic determinants. Due to the controversial results about the role of the ATR1 gene locus in hypertension and understanding that ethnic origin should be carefully considered in studying the association between gene polymorphism and disease etiology, we investigated the role of A1166C polymorphism in Serbian hypertensives. A total of 298 subjects, 100 hypertensive and 198 normotensive, age- and sex-matched controls, were included in this study. All subjects were genotyped for the A1166C polymorphism in ATR1 gene using allele-specific PCR-based technique. There were significant differences in both allele and genotype frequencies between hypertensive and normotensive male subjects (p<0.05). There is significant association between hypertension and CC genotype (CC vs. AC+AA OR=2.56, p=0.04) in the males only. These results suggest that a genetic variant of the ATR1 gene locus influences the risk of essential hypertension in the sex-specific manner in the Serbian population.[1]


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