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Disease relevance of Hypertension


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Chemical compound and disease context of Hypertension


Biological context of Hypertension

  • Although pre-transplant blood pressure was the same in both groups, post-transplantation hypertension is more likely to be angiotensin II-dependent in patients with more than one kidney [24].
  • We conclude that this insulin resistance involves glucose but not lipid or potassium metabolism, is located in peripheral tissues but not the liver, is limited to nonoxidative pathways of intracellular glucose disposal, and is directly correlated with the severity of hypertension [25].
  • The influence of beta-adrenergic blockade (160 mg per day of propranolol for four weeks) on plasma renin activity, plasma volume, and arterial pressure was explored in 20 patients with essential hypertension with hyper-reninemia from long-term diuretic therapy [26].
  • Untreated hypertensive patients and persons without hypertension had comparable bone mineral content, indicating that the higher mineral content found among thiazide users is related to the drug and not to the underlying hypertension [27].
  • We speculate that these mutant alleles lead to reduced sodium chloride reabsorption in the more common heterozygotes, potentially protecting against development of hypertension [28].

Anatomical context of Hypertension

  • To determine whether such an increase precedes the onset of nephropathy and, if so, whether it is associated with changes in renal function, we measured erythrocyte sodium-lithium countertransport in 52 patients with IDDM but not nephropathy or hypertension and in 32 control subjects [29].
  • To test the influence of an inhibitor of angiotensin-converting enzyme, teprotide (SQ 20881), we administered it to seven patients with essential hypertension and normal renal function and nine with an unequivocal reduction in creatinine clearance, caused by bilateral renal-artery stenosis in two and by essential hypertension in seven [30].
  • These findings indicated that angiotensin ii probably caused hypertension in the "responders," One "nonresponder" had renal vein levels of plasma renin activity suggestive of angiotensinogenic hypertension [31].
  • Accordingly, plasma renin activity in hypertension may reflect or contribute to changes in calcium and magnesium fluxes across cell membranes [32].
  • To investigate the rate of sodium reabsorption by the proximal renal tubules in hypertension, we measured lithium clearance (a measure of proximal tubular reabsorption of sodium), as well as red-cell countertransport, in 14 patients with untreated essential hypertension and in 31 controls [33].

Gene context of Hypertension


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Hypertension


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