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Drosophila MUS312 interacts with the nucleotide excision repair endonuclease MEI-9 to generate meiotic crossovers.

MEI-9 is the Drosophila homolog of the human structure-specific DNA endonuclease XPF. Like XPF, MEI-9 functions in nucleotide excision repair and interstrand crosslink repair. MEI-9 is also required to generate meiotic crossovers, in a function thought to be associated with resolution of Holliday junction intermediates. We report here the identification of MUS312, a protein that physically interacts with MEI-9. We show that mutations in mus312 elicit a meiotic phenotype identical to that of mei-9 mutants. A missense mutation in mei-9 that disrupts the MEI-9-MUS312 interaction abolishes the meiotic function of mei-9 but does not affect the DNA repair functions of mei-9. We propose that MUS312 facilitates resolution of meiotic Holliday junction intermediates by MEI-9.[1]


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