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Citrate synthase expression and enzyme activity after endurance training in cardiac and skeletal muscles.

The present study was designed to examine the acute and chronic effects of endurance treadmill training on citrate synthase (CS) gene expression and enzymatic activity in rat skeletal and cardiac muscles. Adult rats were endurance trained for 8 wk on a treadmill. They were killed 1 h (T(1), n = 8) or 48 h (T(48), n = 8) after their last bout of exercise training. Eight rats were sedentary controls (C) during the training period. CS mRNA levels and enzymatic activities of the soleus and ventricle muscles were determined. Training resulted in higher CS mRNA levels in both the soleus muscles (21% increase in T(1); 18% increase in T(48), P < 0.05) and ventricle muscles (23% increase in T(1); 17% increase in T(48), P < 0.05) when compared with the C group. The CS enzyme activities were 42 (P < 0.01) and 25% (P < 0.01) greater in the soleus muscles of T(1) and T(48) groups, respectively, when compared with that of the C group. Soleus CS enzyme activity was significantly greater in the T(1) vs. T(48) groups (P < 0.05). However, no appreciable alterations in CS enzyme activities were observed in the ventricle muscles in both training groups. These findings suggest differential responses of skeletal and cardiac muscles in CS enzymatic activity but similar responses in CS gene expression at 1 and 48 h after the last session of endurance training. Moreover, our data support the existence of an acute effect of exercise on the training-induced elevation in CS activity in rat soleus but not ventricle muscles.[1]


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