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Nitroxyl-mediated disruption of thiol proteins: inhibition of the yeast transcription factor Ace1.

Among the biologically and pharmacologically relevant nitrogen oxides, nitroxyl (HNO) remains one of the most poorly studied and least understood. Several previous reports indicate that thiols may be a primary target for the biological actions of HNO. However, the intimate details of the chemical interaction of HNO with biological thiols remain unestablished. Due to their ability to grow under a variety of conditions, the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae represents a unique and useful model system for examining the chemistry of HNO with thiol proteins in a whole-cell preparation. Herein, we have examined the effect of HNO on the thiol-containing, metal-responsive, yeast transcription factor Ace1 under a variety of cellular conditions as a means of delineating the chemistry of HNO interactions with this representative thiol protein. Using a reporter gene system, we find that HNO efficiently inhibits copper-dependent Ace1 activity. Moreover, this inhibition appears to be a result of a direct interaction between Ace1 thiols and HNO and not a result of any chemistry associated with HNO-derived species. Thus, this report indicates that thiol proteins can be a primary target of HNO biochemistry and that HNO-mediated thiol modification is likely due to a direct reaction of HNO.[1]


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