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Induction of metabolic shocks in source and sink of two cucurbits by molybdenum stress.

Different concentrations of ammonium molybdate (10(-7) to 10(-4)M) affected the levels of metabolites in the source and sink organs of the seedlings of C. melo and C. vulgaris and data were recorded at 7, 14 and 21 days after treatment ( DAT) of molybdenum (Mo). Reducing and non reducing sugars declined with an increase in concentration of ammonium molybdate from 10(-7) to 10(-4) M. Soluble protein and dry weight of seedlings increased in source at lower concentration (10(-7) M) and gradually decreased in all other concentrations (10(-6), 10(-5) and 10(-4) M). Starch was slightly accumulated in hypocotyl and fresh weight constantly declined with an increase in ammonium molybdate concentration from 10(-7) to 10(-4) M in all the parts of seedlings viz. cotyledon, hypocotyl and roots. Thus molybdenum at higher concentration induced decline in the metabolite levels in source and sink as well as in transporting organs.[1]


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