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Role for complement in mediating intestinal nitric oxide synthase-2 and superoxide dismutase expression.

Inducible nitric oxide synthase (iNOS) and superoxide dismutase (SOD) play an important role in the pathology of ischemia-reperfusion. This study sought to determine if the proinflammatory effects of complement modulate iNOS and SOD in the rat after gastrointestinal ischemia and reperfusion (GI/R). An inhibitory or noninhibitory anti-complement component 5 (C5) monoclonal antibody (18A or 16C, respectively) was administered before GI/R. RT-PCR revealed a significant increase in intestinal iNOS mRNA compared with sham after GI/R that was attenuated significantly by 18A. Immunohistochemistry demonstrated increased iNOS protein expression within the intestinal crypts after GI/R. Cu/Zn SOD (mRNA and protein) was unaffected by GI/R, whereas Cu/Zn SOD activity was reduced significantly. Mn SOD protein expression was decreased significantly by GI/R. Anti-C5 preserved Cu/Zn SOD activity and Mn SOD protein expression. Staining for nitrotyrosine showed that anti-C5 treatment reduced protein nitration in the reperfused intestine. Immunohistochemistry demonstrated prominent phosphorylated (p) inhibitory factor-kappaB (IkappaB)-alpha staining of intestinal tissue after GI/R, whereas anti-C5 reduced p-IkappaB-alpha expression. These data indicate that complement may mediate tissue damage during GI/R by increasing intestinal iNOS and decreasing the activity and protein levels of Cu/Zn SOD and Mn SOD, respectively.[1]


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