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Antiinflammatory activity of alpha-hederin methyl ester from the alkaline hydrolysate of the butanol fraction of Kalopanax pictus bark extract.

Three antiinflammatory saponin components were isolated from the alkaline hydrolysate of a butanol-soluble portion of Kalopanax pictus bark extract through an in vivo activity-guided fractionation procedure. The hydrolysate showed inhibition of adjuvant induced arthritis in rats. After further fractionation, the ethyl acetate fraction exhibited antiarthritic activity, which resulted in the isolation of alpha-hederin, alpha-hederin methyl ester, and kalopanaxsaponin I. All compounds showed inhibition of vascular permeability in mice, but only alpha-hederin methyl ester showed anticarrageenan activity in rats and antiarthritic activity in rats and mice.[1]


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