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The effects of intrusive loading on axial movements of impeded and unimpeded rat incisors: estimation of eruptive force.

Axial movements of impeded and unimpeded rat mandibular incisors were measured following application and removal of intrusive loads of 1, 2, 5, 10 and 20 mN in a stepwise order at intervals of 1h on erupting teeth. The tooth movements were recorded by a displacement detector under artificial respiration with halothane anaesthesia. The loading and unloading procedures brought about the tooth movements in two steps: an initial rapid movement immediately after application or removal of the load and a subsequent slow and gradual movement. The initial rapid intrusive or extrusive tooth movements were significantly greater in the unimpeded than in the impeded teeth at the same load. The forces to stop extrusive tooth movements, estimated from the formula of regression lines showing correlations between the intrusive loads from 0 to 5 mN and tooth movements (microm/30 min), were 4.2 mN in the impeded and 2.9 mN in the unimpeded incisors. We suggest that repeated shortenings of the rat incisor did not cause an increase in the eruptive force and that changes in the resistance of the periodontal ligament predominantly regulate the axial movement of the rat incisor.[1]


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