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Sialoglycoprotein and carbohydrate complexes in chromium toxicity.

Chromium(VI) compounds are amongst the most widely encountered industrial carcinogens and are of increasing concern with respect to environmental exposure. Sialoglycoproteins and carbohydrates play a crucial role in stabilizing oxoCr(V) intermediates, which are produced by extracellular and intracellular reduction of chromium(VI). Recent research has addressed the molecular characterization of oxoCr(V)-sialoglycoprotein and -carbohydrate complexes and the roles that these species may play in Cr(VI) metabolism and carcinogenesis. Particular highlights include the role of oxoCr(V) complexes of extracellular sialoglycoproteins, intracellular D-glucose, and related species and their potential roles in Cr(VI)-induced genotoxicity.[1]


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