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Identification of higher plant GlsA, a putative morphogenesis factor of gametic cells.

GlsA has been identified in an asexual-reproductive-cell (gonidia)-deficient mutant of Volvox as a chaperone-like protein essential for gonidia production. In this study, we isolated an angiosperm glsA (LlglsA) gene expressed during Lilium longiflorum pollen development. Immunoblot analyses showed that the strong LlGlsA expression occurred in the generative cell and its pattern during pollen development corresponded to that of alpha-tubulin. Morphological analyses succeeded in visualizing the dispersion of the strong LlGlsA signal in developing generative cells. In addition, multiple-immunofluorescence staining of LlGlsA and alpha-tubulin revealed that some of the dot-like LlGlsA signals were co-localized with microtubule filaments. From those results, we suggest that angiosperm GlsA functions as a chaperone modifying various structures during male gametic cell formation.[1]


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