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Disease relevance of Morphogenesis

  • Rhizobium lipo-chitooligosaccharide nodulation factors: signaling molecules mediating recognition and morphogenesis [1].
  • The finding that ey of Drosophila, Small eye of the mouse, and human Aniridia are encoded by homologous genes suggests that eye morphogenesis is under similar genetic control in both vertebrates and insects, in spite of the large differences in eye morphology and mode of development [2].
  • Cell migration is essential for development, morphogenesis, tissue repair and tumor metastasis. p27(Kip1) and stathmin are two cell-cycle-regulatory proteins that were recently shown to play important roles in the regulation of cell migration [3].
  • Since homozygous Rae28-deficient (Rae28(-/-)) mice displayed cardiac anomalies similar to congenital heart diseases in humans, we examined the role of Rae28 in cardiac morphogenesis at the molecular level [4].
  • Finally, we show that the C. elegans INA-1 alpha integrin subunit associates with the PAT-3beta subunit in vivo, suggesting that these proteins function together in cell migration, axon fasciculation, and morphogenesis [5].

Psychiatry related information on Morphogenesis


High impact information on Morphogenesis

  • The identification of a glucose transporter gene responsible for altered arterial morphogenesis is notable in light of the previously suggested link between GLUT10 and type 2 diabetes [11].
  • Condensin/Cdc5-dependent removal of cohesin underscores the potential importance of crosstalk between chromosome structural components in chromosome morphogenesis and provides a mechanism to couple chromosome morphogenesis with other meiotic events [12].
  • Cell adhesion to extracellular matrix (ECM) proteins is crucial for the structural integrity of tissues and epithelial-mesenchymal interactions mediating organ morphogenesis [13].
  • A field of myocardial-endocardial NFAT signaling underlies heart valve morphogenesis [14].
  • Loss or dysfunction of PC1 or PC2 may therefore lead to PKD owing to the inability of cells to sense mechanical cues that normally regulate tissue morphogenesis [15].

Chemical compound and disease context of Morphogenesis


Biological context of Morphogenesis


Anatomical context of Morphogenesis


Associations of Morphogenesis with chemical compounds

  • Mice with a mutation in the alpha8 gene do not express the integrin alpha8 beta1 and exhibit profound deficits in kidney morphogenesis [31].
  • The VAB-1 Eph receptor tyrosine kinase functions in neural and epithelial morphogenesis in C. elegans [32].
  • We propose that the ts-26 mutant has a primary temperature-sensitive defect in membrane glycoprotein synthesis and that this change causes pleiotropic effects on core morphogenesis [33].
  • Mutant strains of D. discoideum are described that can complete morphogenesis and cytodifferentiation but which express vastly reduced levels of the galactose-binding lectins discoidin I and II (less than 1% and 1%-2% respectively) compared to the wild-type control [34].
  • Thus, Shp2 regulates phosphotyrosine-signalling events during the complex ectodermal-mesenchymal interactions that regulate mammalian budding morphogenesis [35].

Gene context of Morphogenesis

  • Direct regulation of decapentaplegic by Ultrabithorax and its role in Drosophila midgut morphogenesis [36].
  • In addition, morphogenesis of Meckel's cartilage was deficient in cultured mandibular processes from Egfr-/- embryos [37].
  • Our data suggest that PKD1 and PKD2 associate physically in vivo and may be partners of a common signalling cascade involved in tubular morphogenesis [38].
  • Therefore, proximal-distal patterning of the ovule involves the regulated expression of the BEL1 gene that controls integument morphogenesis [39].
  • Here we show that Rom1-/- mice form OSs in which peripherin-2 homotetramers are localized to the disk rims, indicating that peripherin-2 alone is sufficient for both disk and OS morphogenesis [40].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Morphogenesis


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