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Use of titanium mesh in comminuted fractures of frontal sinus anterior wall.

The personal experience with the surgical treatment of reduction and fixation of comminuted fractures of the anterior wall of the frontal sinus is reported. Cosmetic results were examined with regard to patients' degree of satisfaction on a 0 to 2 scale and nasal function assessed via rhinoscopy and nasal endoscopy during clinical follow-up, in the course of which the integrity and functionality of the supraorbitary and facial nerves were evaluated. All patients were satisfied, on the whole, with the aesthetic result, with 0-degree satisfaction (no deformity compared with their condition prior to the injury). The operations were performed between the 2nd and 7th post-injury day. The importance of the preoperative clinico-radiological work-up is stressed, with particular regard to the detection of simultaneous involvement of the inferior and/or posterior wall, and to the choice of surgical approach. The evolution of the surgical techniques in the treatment of frontal sinus fractures is discussed. With reference to the new means of fixation, in cases of comminuted fractures of the anterior wall, titanium mesh is preferred. In the Authors' opinion it combines excellent fixation with easy adaptability (cosmetic results are good) without requiring in the majority of cases, autologous bone grafts.[1]


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