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Comparative studies on binding of vitronectin and fibronectin to groups A and C streptococci.

Binding of 125I-labelled fibronectin and vitronectin to streptococci of group A (S. pyogenes), group B (S. agalactiae) and group C (S. dysgalactiae and S. zooepidemicus) isolated from various human infections and bovine mastitis, and S. uberis bovine isolates, was studied. Binding of vitronectin and fibronectin was common among both human groups A and C, and bovine group C streptococci. S. agalactiae strains of human and bovine origin as well as S. uberis bovine isolates bound low levels of both proteins. The binding of radiolabelled fibronectin and vitronectin to selected groups A and C streptococcal strains was specific, time-dependent and occurred with both live and heat-killed (80 degrees C for 15 min) cells. Binding declined rapidly after treatment of cells with trypsin or proteinase K, while pepsin digestion at pH 5.5 affected vitronectin but not fibronectin binding.[1]


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