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Improvement of muscle healing through enhancement of muscle regeneration and prevention of fibrosis.

Skeletal muscle is able to repair itself through regeneration. However, an injured muscle often does not fully recover its strength because complete muscle regeneration is hindered by the development of fibrosis. Biological approaches to improve muscle healing by enhancing muscle regeneration and reducing the formation of fibrosis are being investigated. Previously, we have determined that insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) can improve muscle regeneration in injured muscle. We also have investigated the use of an antifibrotic agent, decorin, to reduce muscle fibrosis following injury. The aim of this study was to combine these two therapeutic methods in an attempt to develop a new biological approach to promote efficient healing and recovery of strength after muscle injuries. Our findings indicate that further improvement in the healing of muscle lacerations is attained histologically by the combined administration of IGF-1 to enhance muscle regeneration and decorin to reduce the formation of fibrosis. This improvement was not associated with improved responses to physiological testing, at least at the time-points tested in this study.[1]


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