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LAT links the pre-BCR to calcium signaling.

SLP-65(-/-) mice display a partial block at the pre-B cell stage of development. Here, we show that LAT is required for the differentiation of SLP-65(-/-) pre-B cells. We show that LAT and SLP-76 are recruited to the pre-BCR and associated with Ig-alpha upon pre-BCR engagement, whereas LAT interaction with SLP-76 is already detected in untreated pre-B cells. Reconstitution of LAT or SLP-65 expression in SLP-65/LAT(-/-) pre-B cells restored their calcium (Ca2+) mobilization capacity, led to downregulation of surface pre-BCR, and induced differentiation to BCR+ cells. Together, our results suggest that the adaptor proteins LAT and SLP-76 are involved in pre-BCR signaling, thereby rescuing arrested murine SLP-65(-/-) pre-B cells.[1]


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