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Calcium Signaling

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  • Altered expression of genes of the Bmp/Smad and Wnt/calcium signaling pathways in the cone-only Nrl-/- mouse retina, revealed by gene profiling using custom cDNA microarrays [36].
  • Our working hypothesis is that disruption of the ontogenetically defined pattern of NMDAR subunit expression and NMDAR-mediated calcium signaling in glutamatergic synapses is a principal mechanism for Pb(2+)-induced deficits in synaptic plasticity and in learning and memory documented in animal models of Pb(2+) neurotoxicity [37].
  • Western blotting of tubule preparations from trp and trpl mutants revealed a correlation between TRPL levels and CAP(2b)-stimulated fluid transport and calcium signaling [38].
  • In the absence of extracellular calcium, perfusion of pancreatic acinar cells with 1 nM CCK-8 and 1 mM vanadate did not significantly affect the typical transient calcium spike induced by CCK-8, but the plateau phase of calcium in response to CCK-8 remained elevated [39].
  • Microinjection of the selective cADPR antagonist 8NH2-cADPR completely abolished subsequent stimulation of Ca2+ signaling via ETA and ETB receptors. cADPR therefore appears to have an obligatory role for ETA-R and ETB-R-mediated calcium signaling in PSMC [40].


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