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Collagenase-inhibitory activity in deposit and resorption phases of guinea pig carrageenin granuloma.

The levels of collagenase inhibitor, both free and bound to metalloproteinases, were evaluated at 7 days [deposit phase (DP)] and 14 days [resorptive phase (RP)] of evolution of the subcutaneous carrageenin-induced granuloma in the guinea pig. The level of free collagenase inhibitor was considerably higher in the supernatant of DP granulomas (7.95 +/- 1.53 U/mg protein) as compared to that of RP granulomas (2.53 +/- 0.41 U/mg protein). When the samples were heated at acid pH to release the inhibitor from metalloproteinase-inhibitor complexes, free inhibitor was recovered in both phases. However, the units of recovered collagenase inhibitor were several fold higher in all RP granulomas in comparison with DP granulomas (6.88 +/- 2.46 vs 1.5 +/- 0.53). Therefore, DP and RP tissues exhibited similar total amount of tissue inhibitor. By HPLC, collagenase inhibitor activity was localized in a fraction consistent with the size of TIMP. These results suggest a different balance of collagenase and collagenase inhibitor during the evolution of the granuloma; an excess of inhibitor over metalloproteinases appears to predominate during the phase of collagen accumulation contrasting with an inverse situation when the granuloma is healing.[1]


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