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Refined localization of human connexin32 gene locus, GJB1, to Xq13.1.

Connexins are the peptide subunits of gap junctions that interconnect cells to allow the direct, intercellular transfer of small molecules. Recently, the human connexin32 gene (locus designation GJB1) has been regionally mapped by three other laboratories to Xp11-q13, Xcen-q22, and Xp11-q22. The smallest region of overlap from these studies is Xcen-q13. By using a series of somatic cell hybrid mapping panels and a rat connexin32 cDNA probe, we have localized the human GJB1 locus to a much smaller region in proximal Xq13.1, in interval 8, as described by Lafrenière et al. (8).[1]


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