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Gap Junctions

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Disease relevance of Gap Junctions


Psychiatry related information on Gap Junctions


High impact information on Gap Junctions

  • Gap junction channels formed by alpha3 (Cx46) and alpha8 (Cx50) connexin provide pathways for communication between the fiber cells in the normal transparent lens [7].
  • The results show that the tail of the long splice form a of Dsc, but not its shorter splice form b, contains sufficient information to recruit desmoplakin and plakoglobin to connexon membrane paracrystals (gap junctions) and to form a novel kind of plaque at which cytokeratin IFs attach [8].
  • We have used sucrose gradient fractionation and chemical cross-linking to study the first step in gap junction assembly, oligomerization of Cx43 monomers into connexon channels [9].
  • Differences between liver gap junction protein and lens MIP 26 from rat: implications for tissue specificity of gap junctions [10].
  • All these synapses require the gap junction protein connexin36 (Cx36) for robust electrical coupling [11].

Chemical compound and disease context of Gap Junctions


Biological context of Gap Junctions


Anatomical context of Gap Junctions


Associations of Gap Junctions with chemical compounds

  • Identification of a proline residue as a transduction element involved in voltage gating of gap junctions [26].
  • Vitamin E supplementation above the deficient plasma levels of these infants suppresses gap junction formation and clinically reduces the severity without altering the total incidence of ROP [27].
  • We found that neurobiotin (relative molecular mass, 286) passed easily through both types of gap junctions, but that biotin-X cadaverine (relative molecular mass, 442) passed through AII/bipolar cell gap junctions poorly compared to AII/AII gap junctions [28].
  • The gap junction blocker octanol attenuated the neuronal response, which suggests that the astrocytic-neuronal signaling is mediated through intercellular connections rather than synaptically [29].
  • NMDA receptors regulate developmental gap junction uncoupling via CREB signaling [30].

Gene context of Gap Junctions


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Gap Junctions


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