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Ciguatera fish poisoning and fisheries development in the South Pacific Region.

Ciguatera fish poisoning represents an impediment to the development of fisheries based on shallow water reef fish stocks and to the food security of islands where agriculture is limited. Although fisheries development initiatives in the past 20 years in the Pacific have focused on the development of deep slope fisheries and fisheries for large pelagics such as tuna, shallow reef fisheries continue to be a major animal protein source for Pacific Islanders and a source of commercial revenue for fishermen. Statistics on ciguatera outbreaks in the Pacific are limited to local databases in Hawaii and French Polynesia, and to the compilation by the South Pacific Commission of "fish poisonings" reported by the medical departments of the countries of the region. A new database was established at the South Pacific Commission during 1990 to serve as a focus for detailed reporting of fish poisoning and ciguatera in the South Pacific. Some preliminary results from this database are presented and the importance of such information to the development of coastal reef fisheries is discussed.[1]


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