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Ciguatera Poisoning

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Disease relevance of Ciguatera Poisoning

  • The effects of 31 plant extracts, which most are traditionally used to treat ciguatera fish poisoning in the Pacific area, were studied on the cytotoxicity of mouse neuroblastoma cells produced by ouabain, veratridine and/or brevetoxin-3 or Pacific ciguatoxin-1 [1].
  • Neuroscience nurses are challenged to be aware of the neurological effects of lesser known toxins, such as ciguatera and methyl bromide, and to meet the complex needs of patients who are suffering from the effects of toxic levels of these substances [2].

High impact information on Ciguatera Poisoning

  • Treatment of ciguatera poisoning with gabapentin [3].
  • Successful treatment of ciguatera fish poisoning with intravenous mannitol [4].
  • A patient is presented who developed an acute gastrointestinal and neurologic syndrome progressing to coma after ingestion of a fish soup made in Rhode Island. Laboratory studies confirmed the clinical diagnosis of ciguatera poisoning [5].
  • Potential benefit of tocainide in the treatment of ciguatera: report of three cases [6].
  • The presenting signs of ciguatera are primarily neurotoxic in more than 80% of cases [7].

Chemical compound and disease context of Ciguatera Poisoning


Anatomical context of Ciguatera Poisoning

  • An outbreak of ciguatera fish poisoning in outer Melbourne in September 1997 was traced to a 16.2 kg Maori Wrasse fish imported into Victoria from Trunk Reef in Queensland. The outbreak involved 46 individuals attending a banquet at an Asian restaurant at which four different dishes prepared from the flesh and viscera of the fish were offered [13].

Gene context of Ciguatera Poisoning

  • Patients with ciguatera: request for convalescent sera [14].
  • Electrophysiological studies on ciguatera poisoning in man (Part II) [15].
  • These results correlate with the reported incidents from the Department of Health (DOH) of actual ciguatera poisoning in the State of Hawaii. Fish in all three categories of the SPIA test values were eaten [16].
  • A survey for the assessment of the ciguatera problem has been determined in Puako, South Kohala, on the Island of Hawaii. This is in the area of persistent ciguateric outbreaks during the months of January through March, caused by a specific species of fish (Cheilinus rhodochrous, red rose wrasse, or po'ou) [17].


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