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Studies on the genotoxicity of monocrotophos in somatic and germ-like cells of Drosophila.

Parryfos, a farm-grade formulation of monocrotophos, was tested for genotoxicity in the wing primordial cells and the male germ-line cells of Drosophila melanogaster. Larvae of the 2nd or 3rd instar, heterozygous for the wing-cell marker mutations mwh and flr3, were exposed to different concentrations of the insecticide in the food. The wings of the hatched flies were screened for the presence of mutant mosaic spots exhibiting the marker phenotypes. The frequency of induction of sex-linked recessive lethal mutations was used to assess genotoxic effects in male germ-line cells. The tested compound was genotoxic in both the somatic and the germ-line cells of Drosophila.[1]


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