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Chemical Compound Review

Nuvacron     (E)-3-dimethoxyphosphoryloxy- N-methyl-but...

Synonyms: Aimocron, Biloborn, Bilobran, Corophos, Hazodrin, ...
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Disease relevance of Nuvacron


High impact information on Nuvacron


Chemical compound and disease context of Nuvacron


Biological context of Nuvacron

  • In cells incubated with 20 micrograms/ml of the various chemicals, the number of M1 metaphases ranged from 6% (R-1303) to 18% (Azodrin) compared to no M1 metaphases in control cultures [14].
  • The genotoxic effects of five pesticides (benomyl, 2,4-D, dimecron, monocrotophos, and vitavax) were evaluated in the rat bone marrow cytogenetic assay [15].
  • The degradation of monocrotophos at both concentrations in black vertisol and red alfinsol soils was rapid accounting for 96-98% of the applied quantity and followed the first-order kinetics with rate constants (k) of 0.0753 and 0.0606 day(-1) and half-lives (t1/2) of 9.2 and 11.4 days, respectively [16].
  • METABOLISM: The biotransformation of monocrotophos is well understood [17].
  • A significant increase in mean comet tail-length (5.21-7.46 microM), indicating DNA damage, was observed at all the doses with monocrotophos when compared to controls (3.36 microM) [18].

Anatomical context of Nuvacron


Associations of Nuvacron with other chemical compounds


Gene context of Nuvacron


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Nuvacron


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