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Glycogenolytic effect of pancreastatin in isolated rat hepatocytes is mediated by a cyclic-AMP-independent Ca(2+)-dependent mechanism.

We have studied the effect of pig pancreastatin on glucose and lactate production in freshly isolated rat hepatocytes. Pancreastatin stimulated the rate of glucose output, whereas, in contrast with glucagon, it failed to modify the rate of lactate production. The effective concentration of pancreastatin was in the range 0.1-100 nM, with half-maximal rate close to 1 nM. The ability of pancreastatin to increase glucose output was abolished by chelation of the calcium in the medium. By itself, pancreastatin did not increase cyclic AMP (cAMP) levels and had no influence on cAMP levels in glucagon-stimulated hepatocytes. Our results point out a possible role of pancreastatin in glycogenolysis. This appears to be mediated by a cAMP-independent Ca(2+)-dependent mechanism.[1]


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