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Transition time control analysis of a glycolytic system under different glucose concentrations. Control of transition time versus control of flux.

Control and Response Coefficients of transition time have been determined in a rat liver glycolytic system under different glucose concentrations. Results have been compared with the Flux Control and Flux Response Coefficients measured in the same conditions, showing that transition time and flux are different responses of the system, subject to different regulation and control. Control Coefficients of flux and transition time show a very different profile in each condition of glucose concentration assayed. Ratio of Flux Control coefficients of glucokinase over phosphofructokinase at 5 and 20 mM glucose concentration changes from 3.2 to 0.5, while the same ratio in the case of Transition Time Control Coefficients moves from 0.6 to 0.93. Moreover, the absolute values of Transition Time Control Coefficients in glycolytic conditions are one order of magnitude bigger than in gluconeogenic conditions. Values of Response Coefficients also show that the transition time has a bigger sensitivity to changes in glucose concentration than the flux in all conditions assayed, but particularly in glycolytic ones.[1]


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