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Experience with tretinoin therapy in temperate regions.

In a previously reported study on the anti-photoageing effects of topical tretinoin, the following regimen produced good patient compliance: 0.01% for 1 month, 0.025% for 1 month; and 0.05% for 4 months. The majority of patients (60/89) enrolled in the initial study continued to apply the cream to the face, and a further 140 patients were enrolled for a long-term study (mean duration 2 years). The prolonged study showed that 91.4% of patients used tretinoin in an attempt to slow down skin aging, and 8.6% sought subjective skin benefits. Of the 163 patients who completed the study, 58.8% sought an improvement of wrinkles, 30.1% skin trophism and 14.7% reduced pigmentation. The product was used throughout the year by 66.9% of patients, but 8.0% stopped using it during the summer. A daytime moisturizing cream was required by 77.9% of patients, and 82.8% used a sunscreen in the summer. Tretinoin was applied to other areas of the body by 63.8% of patients.[1]


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