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Inhibition of morphine dependence by a lipopolysaccharide from Pantoea agglomerans.

A lipopolysaccharide from Pantoea agglomerans (LPSp) was purified and examined for relief of morphine dependence by observing its inhibition of the jumping of mice on naloxone-precipitate withdrawal. Administration of LPSp either intravenously or intradermally showed marked inhibition of the jumping. Beta-endorphin in mouse serum and brain tissue were recognized to be in synchrony with the time course of the relief. Administration of TNF-alpha gave similar effect, suggesting that LPSp induces a cytokine cascade to produce endogenous TNF followed by ACTH/beta-LPH gene products and beta-endorphin. The effect of LPSp was better than that of LPS from E. coli or Bordetella pertussis, and thus is considered to be applicable for clinical use.[1]


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