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Column liquid chromatography and microbiological assay compared for determination of cefadroxil preparations.

A reversed-phase column liquid chromatographic method was developed for the assay of cefadroxil in bulk drugs and pharmaceutical preparations. An equation was derived showing a linear relationship between peak-area ratios of cefadroxil to dimethylphthalate (internal standard) and the cefadroxil concentration over a range of 0.02-0.8 mg/ml (r = 0.9999). Standard addition recoveries were generally greater than 97.7%. The coefficients of variation in the within-day assay were between 0.36 and 0.65, and in the between-day assay was 0.71%. The column liquid chromatographic assay results were compared with those obtained from a microbiological assay, which indicated that the proposed method is a suitable substitute for the microbiological method for potency assays and stability studies of cefadroxil preparations.[1]


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