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In vitro transcriptional activation by a metabolic intermediate: activation by Leu3 depends on alpha-isopropylmalate.

In the absence of the leucine biosynthetic precursor alpha-isopropylmalate (alpha-IPM), the yeast LEU3 protein (Leu3p) binds DNA and acts as a transcriptional repressor in an in vitro extract. Addition of alpha-IPM resulted in a dramatic increase in Leu3p-dependent transcription. The presence of alpha-IPM was also required for Leu3p to compete effectively with another transcriptional activator, GAL4/VP16, for limiting transcription factors. Therefore, the addition of alpha-IPM appears to convert a transcriptional repressor into an activator. This represents an example in eukaryotes of direct transcriptional regulation by a small effector molecule.[1]


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